Why Your Family Will Fit Perfectly in Baldivis

When mortgage brokers go about their business of helping clients procure home loans, they learn about the local area. We have done extensive work in Baldivis, Kwinana and of course, Rockingham and we feel that we are in a better position than most people in the industry to know what is going on in our local market.

Family Friendly Baldivis by Mortgage Brokers in Baldivismost of the home loans we provide in Baldivis are for families. The family demographic is important to us because we are often asked by prospective clients to give our opinions of the localities to which they are thinking of relocating to. Our experience has been that most families love it in Baldivis.

By the Numbers

Baldivis had a population of 15,883 in the 2011 Census. By 2016, it is projected to nearly double. By 2036, the population is projected to increase to 65,820, more than 4 times its current population. If recent trends are any indication, most of the growth will continue to be families.

The current demographic statistics indicate a strong concentration of families. Out of 5,810 private dwellings, 4,447 are inhabited by families for a total of 76.5%. In other words, more than 3 dwellings out of 4 are family dwellings.

>Within the family demographic, 54.7% are couple families with children; 35% are couple families without children; 9.5% are one-parent families; and of the couple families, 49.1% have both parents working at least part-time.

What it Means to You

Like all of the suburbs who fall under the auspices of the City of Rockingham Local Government Area, Baldivis families are the beneficiary of a series of family-friendly decisions which are designed to keep the entire area suitable for all ages into the foreseeable future. Baldivis will always be family-friendly because the majority of people there are families and elected officials know that.

Baldivis has it all for families: great facilities, a relaxed lifestyle, proximity to a plethora of major tourist destinations and world-class amenities.

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