What the Gateway to Rockingham Means to Residents

When we are helping people find the right home loans in Rockingham, we are often asked what makes Rockingham a good place to live. We always have plenty of answers but we also have one that a lot of people wouldn’t think about–the “Gateway to Rockingham.”

The “Gateway to Rockingham” is a 4.5 km road extension that has been “marching” its way toward completion since March and will provide direct access from the Kwinana Freeway to Rockingham.

So, what makes the “Gateway to Rockingham” so exciting for Rockingham’s future? There are a few factors.

Mortgage Brokers Explain What is Gateway to Rockingham

Reduced Commute to Perth

As mortgage brokers who listen to our customers, we can state with confidence that commute time from Rockingham to Perth is a major concern for many and that reducing that time will enhance the lifestyles of many of our residents. It will also make Rockingham look a lot more desirable to anyone on Perth who is thinking of moving to the suburbs.

More Access to Rockingham

Obviously, it will be easier to get into Rockingham, which is very good for everyone who lives there. The easier it is to conduct commerce, the more commerce is conducted. The “Gateway to Rockingham” will make it easier for businesses to transport goods in and out of Rockingham and easier for people to get in and out of Rockingham.

Everybody wins here.

Less Freight Vehicles in Residential Areas

Many freight vehicles had to take routes into Rockingham that involved driving through residential areas. The Gateway to Rockingham is a “straight shot” from the Kwinana Freeway and will allow trucks to go straight into town without bothering people in residential areas. This is not only more comfortable for residents but safer for their children.

Cost and Completion Time

The project is budgeted at $17.8 million and scheduled to be completed by next March. The Federal Government contributed $6.7 million, while the WA Government provided the land, which cost $10.3 million.

Another Reason to Move to Rockingham

We think that the Gateway to Rockingham will further Rockingham’s growth and make property values rise. Anyone thinking about a home loan for a Rockingham property may want to act sooner than later.

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