Tips for Cohabiting with Your Partner

In the course of finding home loans for our clients in Baldivis, Rockingham and Kwinana, we have noticed an emerging pattern that was confirmed by the 2011 ABS census — more Australians are cohabiting than ever before, even though marriages have gone up.

Cohabiting with your Partner for Home Loans in Baldivis

Like marriage, cohabitation becomes more serious when the partners decide to buy a house together. Statistics also indicate that cohabitation has as much if not more potential for failure than marriage, which can produce a situation where an estranged couple is fighting over a house.

In the spirit of trying to put every variable for success on your side, we would like to present a guide for cohabiting with your partner.

Is This the Right Decision for You?

Sometimes it just “becomes obvious that it is time” to move in together. Sometimes, though, there is no thought or preparation in the decision. This can make for a dodgy beginning and a worse end.

What are you Looking For?

Do you both have the same goals for this union? Or is one looking at it as the last step before marriage, while one sees it as the last step period? Make sure you are both looking for the same thing.

How Healthy is Your Relationship?

When living with a partner, those “irritating habits” that you “put up with” can become exponentially more irritating. Are there any “deal breakers” on either side? Are both in it for a long-term relationship or is one just “passing time?” Are your lifestyles compatible or at least close?

Can you Resolve Conflict?

When two people that don’t live together are having conflict and need space, they can take a break for a day or two. When you live together, there is no place to run and no place to hide.

Have you seen each other at your worst and still liked and loved each other later? You will see each other at your worst when you cohabit. Be prepared.

Trial Run.

Have you spent enough nights together to have an idea of what living together will entail?

Money, money, money.

Make sure you are financially compatible and make sure both have a stake in the ownership of the house.

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