Things To Know Before Buying and Moving In To Your New Home

If you have planned about moving into a new state or city, you must consider the popular saying “try before you buy”. In the end you would want to purchase a house situated at your desired area and not the ones where you would end up hating the neighbourhood and getting disappointed on spending thousands of dollars for the relocation.

The Principal of Sydney Relocations Specialists, Julie Hanley pointed out that one must not purchase a property or move into it after a year of completely knowing the area. There should be a “need to get a feel of the area.” However, if you are planning on leasing or buying, either way you need to make a research.

Make a Research


One method is to ask the services of a relocation agent. Their job is simply to ask what your needs and requirements are for a specific location which they will be offering to you.

Do an Online Research

If you would like to do research on your own, you can take a look at some useful websites like the Australian Property Monitors and RP Data. These websites can help you find desirable suburbs by taking a look at each suburban or estate profile.

According to Matthew Bell, the economic experts of APM, there are 4 main concerns that location searchers mentioned in selecting a new place to live in. It is organised according to significance and this includes educational facilities, safety and security for the entire household; travel, shopping, job opportunities, and amusement facilities. Bell pointed out that, most people prefer taking the public commute to work.

These websites even provide the demographics of the region. Mitch Koper of RP Data pointed out that you need to get the information of the exact percentage of residents who owns a house and what are the percentage in rents around the neighbourhood. You can also look for their revenue levels, employment, or way of living.

Other websites like the can provide you with snapshots of a particular suburb, including the average monthly loan repayments, public transport, education, employment, religion, family statistics, age statistics, home types and etc.

Working with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can also be a reliable source of information. They are experienced in the home buying business. Hence they know a lot in terms of area, home, and how everything works in the real estate market.

A lot of real estate agents can provide you with suburban profiles online, but it is highly recommended that you talk to them personally to determine if you should be confident with their capabilities or otherwise.

Knowing the Current Trend of Sales

You must also find out whether or not the place you opt relishes development. Of course, you would not want to settle in a place which is far behind the average growth rate of the country. Bell, added that individuals must look at the previous two years on record sales of the suburb and look into its capital growth. This will help you find which ideal streets to live in within the area.

Experience the Place

Even if you have done all the important research online, you have seen photos, and have gathered all the suburbs info, nothing beats seeing the place yourself. Check out the area in person and experience the streets, places to go, public transport, and community facilities first hand.

Considering that you’re moving into an unfamiliar place, take some time to find out if the area meets your way of living. If otherwise, then this only shows that relocating to that place is not the right thing to do.