Things To Consider In A Pet Friendly Apartment

When you live in an apartment, it does not necessarily mean you can’t have a pet. There are specific kinds of animals which can make good pets even when you’re in an apartment.

One of the factors to consider when picking out a pet is your lifestyle, and the size of the apartment. Apartment owners need to keep in mind that pets have their own needs, so time and attention from these pet owners is necessary.

Dogs, as man’s best friend, are typically more energetic, and they love being around with people. Cats, on the other hand, are more domesticated and self-reliant.
Pet Friendly Apartments

If you decide on getting a dog, the thing to consider the most is its personality. RSPCA stated that there are certain breeds of dog which are more appropriate for living indoors as compared to other breeds, and they are:

  • Basset Hound
  • Boston Terriers
  • Bulldog and French Bulldog
  • Chihuahua
  • Bichon Frise
  • Australian Terrier
  • Greyhound
  • Italian Greyhounds
  • Chinese Crested Dog
  • Lowchen
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Poodle (miniature)
  • Pug
  • Pekingese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Daschund (toy)
  • Whippet

Bear in mind that even dogs which are low maintenance still needs exercise such as daily walks, and as well as toilet breaks. A domesticated cat would be contented with just looking out on a window, with some toys play with. Some of the breeds which experts recommend for apartment living include: Birmans, Burmese, British Shorthairs, Abyssinians, Persians and Russian Blues.

These animals could also make great apartment pets: hamsters, rabbits, mice, fish, guinea pigs, and birds.

What to look out for:

  • Are the floor coverings safe and suitable?
  • Is the insulation and soundproofing adequate throughout the place?
  • Is there easy access to windows so the pets could easily look out?
  • Is the balcony safe for pets?
  • Are there pet-friendly parks and walking lane near the area?