The New Vision for Kwinana

Expansion in Kwinana by Mortgage BrokersOur mortgage brokers have written a lot of home loans in Kwinana during the last few years but we are about to see a lot more activity there. Kwinana has grown from 20,765 in 2001 to its current estimation of 33,000, but it could soon more than double in size—thanks to a proposal presented at a Special Council Meeting on 18 October, 2013.

Kwinana proposed an expansion which would involve adjusting boundaries by expanding north and becoming the dominant local governing body for the area known as the Western Trade Coast industrial precinct. The Council provided a report to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) earlier the same day, before the meeting.

The Plan

The proposed changes have Melville and Fremantle absorbing the suburbs within Cockburn, while Kwinana would absorb what’s left of Cockburn. This would increase the population from its estimated 33,000 to around 82,500.

Kwinana has established a reliable history of counterbalancing the necessities of industry and community while keeping both segments happy and vital. Carol Adams, Mayor of Kwinana, was pleased and feels that the proposal has put Kwinana in a strong position for the future of both Kwinana and its region.

The submission and meeting were done quickly because Adams felt that the proposal had to be submitted as soon as possible to be granted full and serious consideration by the LGAB.

The Future

Kwinana has done a great job of expanding its infrastructure while keeping its identity as a small, family-friendly town. We think that putting the Kwinana council in charge of a larger area will be good for all concerned. The population will grow while Kwinana and Cockburn become one powerful entity in the region.

We see a continuation of what Kwinana has done as a smaller town—a great environment for both families and industry. We also see a Kwinana that is thriving and growing in a healthy way. A few places are as good but nobody is better than Kwinana at attracting jobs and revenue while preserving its reputation as a family-friendly place to live.

If You’re Interested

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