The Baldivis Conservation Plan for Heritage Primary School

At The Mortgage Gallery Rockingham, our brokers have written volumes on the family-friendly nature of Baldivis. You may not know it, but Baldivis actually commissioned a Conservation Plan for the Baldivis Primary School.

The History

The original building was built in 1923 and a second building was actually moved to the school in 1954. In 2009, an engineering assessment told the City that the second classroom was in a greater state of disrepair than the original classroom, but both were repairable.

In 2010, the City of Rockingham Council took action on the findings and commissioned the current Conservation Plan to help retain the historic buildings.

Overview of the Premises

Both the original and relocated buildings are one-storey, timber-framed, single-volume, weatherboard pavilion-style buildings with asbestos walls and corrugated iron roofs. Both buildings will maintain features such as timber floorboards, ceiling vents, light fittings and blackboards.

The Conservation Policy

The Conservation Policy is designed to retain and conserve the school in a way that encourages recognition as a place of historic, aesthetic, social and scientific importance. It also has provisions for recommending the most effective ways to reconstruct, restore and maintain the most significant elements of the school.

Another facet is the plan for future reassessment of the policy, calling for a review every 10 years to make sure that it doesn’t lose its relevance and the the results are consistent with the original intent.

The Heritage

Baldivis Primary School is listed on the Shire of Rockingham Municipal Inventory and the Heritage Council of Western Australia State Register of Heritage Places. Rockingham has cited it for its “aesthetic, historic and social values.”

The WA Heritage Council uses 6 criteria for assessment as a Heritage Place. Criterion 1 is aesthetic significance, met by the weatherboard, timber and iron construction. Criterion 2 is historical significance, met by its association with Peel Estate group settlements in the 1920’s.

The other 4 criteria, in order, are scientific significance, social significance, rarity and representativeness. The Baldivis Primary School met all criteria for inclusion and citation as a Heritage Place.

Why This is Important

The Baldivis Heritage School Conservation Plan says a lot about Baldivis as a family-friendly town that respects its rich tradition. Call Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham on (08) 9527 1800 for more information about this suburb and how you can get a loan to buy your family home.