Tips to Source The Right Mortgage Rate Outside Of The Big Four Banks

For borrowers wanting to secure their right mortgage deal in years, interest rates are now looking very good for anyone wishing to move home or refinance on their current deal. Unless you wish to meet with every mortgage bank or lender in the country, it’s far more effective to set up a meeting … [Read more...]

Mortgage Home Loans are Increasing in Numbers

In places like Rockingham, Kwinana, Baldivis, and almost all areas across Australia, the number of mortgage loans issued has increased significantly, showing that there is confidence amongst banks and other lenders as well as customers, that now is a good time to consider taking on a new home loan … [Read more...]

Will Your Bank Pass on the Full Rate Cut?

After the Reserve Bank of Australia reduced the cash rate recently, if you expected your bank or mortgage lender to pass on the full rate cut immediately, you might still be surprised to find out that you’re paying more than you should be. If your bank doesn’t consistently pass on the full rate … [Read more...]

Why Australian Mortgages Have a Brighter Future

A brighter future for mortgages isn’t something many expect to be hearing after the deep recession many have been through in recent years. So many around the world haven’t been able to afford to keep up with the high interest rates of the monthly repayments on their debts. With the Reserve Bank … [Read more...]

How Home Buyers are Increasing Their Deposits

The Reserve Bank of Australia has recently released data that shows that first home buyers are trying to find a larger deposit for the purchase of their first property, which means that when they meet with their mortgage broker, they can either decide to look towards a smaller mortgage with lower … [Read more...]

Home Loan Arrears are Falling Rapidly

Some more good news has greeted the mortgage market recently as Fitch Ratings said that late home loan payments across Australia fell to the lowest level for two years, mostly because interest rates have been lower which naturally reduces the burden of debt on borrowers and helps people’s arrears … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Debt; It’s Not All Bad

The experiences learned from the global recession will be that many people will believe that any form of debt is bad for you. One of the difficulties is realising that some debt can be good for you is to balance your financial outlook as it’s easier if you understand the difference between good and … [Read more...]

RBA Suggests That Mortgage Rates Should be Under 6%

Anyone paying for a mortgage loan will have listened carefully to the RBA’s suggestion that anyone paying at interest rates over 6% on the loan for their home, is paying above the necessary rate. Furthermore, they suggest that homeowners with a mortgage loan go back to their bank so they can … [Read more...]

First Home Owners Grant Moves Forward

When you’d like to move out from living at home or from a rented accommodation and purchase your first property, there are many good reasons to take advantage of the First Home Owners Grant to give you a boost towards your savings.The Western Australian state version of this government policy has … [Read more...]

How to Bounce Back from a Home Disaster

The last few years, mortgage brokers in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Cockburn areas have seen their share of home loans being refinanced because of damage from natural disasters, such as storms and bushfires. We have no control over when or where a natural disaster is going to happen but we can make … [Read more...]