Understanding the Property Cycle and When to Buy

It's no secret that mortgage brokers are helping Australians procure a lot of home loans in the Baldivis, Rockingham and Kwinana areas. All 3 areas continue to be “hot markets,” with prices finally showing an inclination to rise back to former levels. Some think it is too late to buy in those … [Read more...]

How to Submit a Successful Business Loan Application

At Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham, our mortgage brokers handle both home loans and business loans in the Kwinana, Rockingham and Baldivis areas. While many think business loans are like home loans but bigger, the truth is that the requirements are more stringent because there is more risk … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Mortgage Broker for Your Needs

Choosing a mortgage broker in Rockingham, Baldivis or Kwinana can be overwhelming at times. There are a lot to choose from and it's difficult to figure out who is right for you. At Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham, we feel that we are the best mortgage brokers for the markets of Rockingham, … [Read more...]

Proposed Changes for First Home Owner Grant Explained

In the news that was a bit surprising to our office full of people who broker home loans in Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis, WA State Government has proposed some changes in the budget due to take effect on 15 September, 2013, that has a lot of people up in arms. First Home Owner Grant … [Read more...]

What the Gateway to Rockingham Means to Residents

When we are helping people find the right home loans in Rockingham, we are often asked what makes Rockingham a good place to live. We always have plenty of answers but we also have one that a lot of people wouldn't think about--the “Gateway to Rockingham.” The “Gateway to Rockingham” is a 4.5 km … [Read more...]

Tips for Working Directly with a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is the person who acts on your behalf when dealing with a lender. A broker can help you apply and get approved for a home loan. Brokers provide assistance with paperwork, negotiating interest rates and helping you find a home loan for your needs. At The Mortgage Gallery, home loan … [Read more...]

Turn Assets into Cash with a Reverse Mortgage

Australia tries to help its older residents by offering reverse mortgages. People over 60 years old can qualify for a reverse mortgage, which allows for the equity of a home to be turned into cash. Since many retired citizens live on a fixed income, being able to cash in on their home’s equity … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Debt Consolidation

With an ever increasing cost of living, many people look for ways to reduce debts and save money. Your home mortgage may be one debt that costs the most each month. Since home prices are higher than credit card bills or other big purchases like cars or boats, your monthly mortgage payment may be … [Read more...]

How to Get the Right House at the Right Price

When talking to us at our office here in Rockingham, home loan seekers are most often interested in getting a great house at a great price. We like to remind people to look for the “right mortgage,” too. Whether you live in Rockingham, Kwinana, Cockburn, Baldivis or the surrounding area, the money … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Home Loan Approved

While there has been more of a tendency for lenders to be conservative in the current economy than in the past, there are still some great best practises to follow to boost the chance of your home loan being approved. As a Baldivis, Kwinana, Cockburn and Rockingham home loan experts, we know that … [Read more...]