Spring is the Perfect Time to Buy Property

Spring is a busy time of the year for mortgage brokers because home loans in Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis are usually at their peak. In the last 5 years, for example, there has only been one November that hasn't been the busiest month in Australia for real estate listings. Spring Fever So, … [Read more...]

Mortgage Applications see Highest Gains in Three Years

If you have been looking for home loans in Baldivis, Rockingham or Kwinana, you may have noticed that it is taking a little more time than usual. The reason is because demand for mortgages has risen more than anytime since June 2010. The Numbers When measuring the volatility of the market, … [Read more...]

Why Australian Mortgages Have a Brighter Future

A brighter future for mortgages isn’t something many expect to be hearing after the deep recession many have been through in recent years. So many around the world haven’t been able to afford to keep up with the high interest rates of the monthly repayments on their debts. With the Reserve Bank … [Read more...]

Women’s Superannuation Savings Can be Improved

The superannuation savings scheme has often favoured men, rather than women. This isn’t a sexist remark, but purely showing the way that men and women work their lives so differently and of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Many women spend time out of the full-time workforce during … [Read more...]

How to Take Advantage of Government Led Home Purchase Deposits

Although mortgage rates might be relatively cheap compared to many years in the past, first home buyers have the opportunity to save money in a first-time savers account while taking advantage of great tax breaks at the same time. Your mortgage broker in Rockingham, for example, will be pleased … [Read more...]

How to Save Efficiently to Help Buy Your First Home

Whether you’re considering a home loan in Baldivis or a home loan in Kwinana, the rules are very much the same when it comes to savings, applying for a mortgage home loan and meeting your obligations to repay the debt over the next 20 to 30 years; but there are ways that you can boost your … [Read more...]

How Far Will Mortgage Rates Drop This Year?

Economist’s forecasts vary considerably, which makes understanding what mortgage rates are likely to be by the end of the year, complicated. Although most mortgage rates are based on being a percentage above the cash rate, it means that choosing between a fixed rate home loan or a variable rate … [Read more...]

When is a Property Too Small to Become a Home?

Some banks and home loan providers may refuse to lend money on properties that they consider too small. They are concerned that you won’t be able to sell them in the future, if the need arises. Compact living in small studio apartments is popular for renting purposes but when does a property become … [Read more...]