Why Australian Mortgages Have a Brighter Future

A brighter future for mortgages isn’t something many expect to be hearing after the deep recession many have been through in recent years. So many around the world haven’t been able to afford to keep up with the high interest rates of the monthly repayments on their debts. With the Reserve Bank … [Read more...]

Home Loan Arrears are Falling Rapidly

Some more good news has greeted the mortgage market recently as Fitch Ratings said that late home loan payments across Australia fell to the lowest level for two years, mostly because interest rates have been lower which naturally reduces the burden of debt on borrowers and helps people’s arrears … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Haste Cost You $89,000 on Your First Home

Mortgage brokers in Baldivis have seen a lot of first home loans lately, due to Baldivis experiencing what is being called a “first home buyer boom” by many. We love helping young couples buy their first homes, and have helped many ourselves. However, many in the business have noticed a trend toward … [Read more...]

How Far Will Mortgage Rates Drop This Year?

Economist’s forecasts vary considerably, which makes understanding what mortgage rates are likely to be by the end of the year, complicated. Although most mortgage rates are based on being a percentage above the cash rate, it means that choosing between a fixed rate home loan or a variable rate … [Read more...]

Real Estate is Still a Buyer’s Market But for How Long?

It might not last for very long but buyers still have the upper hand in the real estate market. In the last three months of available data, the number of homes in Australia that were advertised for sale was still higher than the number of home loans approved from September through November, 2012. … [Read more...]

Did You Know That You Can Split Your Home Loan Between Fixed and Variable Rates?

When we hired our first mortgage brokers and opened The Mortgage Gallery Rockingham, home loans were easy. Mortgages were either written with a fixed rate or a variable rate. Lately, though, Australians are looking into splitting their loans between fixed and variable rates to mitigate the … [Read more...]

How to Bounce Back from a Home Disaster

The last few years, mortgage brokers in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Cockburn areas have seen their share of home loans being refinanced because of damage from natural disasters, such as storms and bushfires. We have no control over when or where a natural disaster is going to happen but we can make … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Setting Up Your Own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Many of our home loans in the Rockingham area are for people who have set up their own SMSF and are buying an investment property. Setting up your own SMSF sounds like a great idea at first but we recommend doing your due diligence and making sure that setting up your own SMSF is the right thing to … [Read more...]