Spring is the Perfect Time to Buy Property

Spring is a busy time of the year for mortgage brokers because home loans in Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis are usually at their peak. In the last 5 years, for example, there has only been one November that hasn’t been the busiest month in Australia for real estate listings.

Spring Fever

Best Time To Buy a Property with Mortgage Brokers RockinghamSo, why is spring such a great time to buy property? There are numerous reasons. First, spring is always a season of renewed hope. As the cold, bleak skies of winter give way to a warm palette of bright spring colours, our moods change.

We become more active and more hopeful. The pent up demand for action caused by winter makes us feel energetic and ready to move. The end result is that a lot of people are both buying and selling houses.

Happy Holidays

A lot of people want to buy a house by Christmas. There is something special about moving into a new house for the holidays. Even if the transaction isn’t finalised in time to move in before Christmas, those who are in the middle of buying are very happy and looking forward to their soon to be new home.

New Year’s Day is another factor that is very strong for buyers, and helps extend the market into the early summer. As evidenced by countless New Year’s resolutions, almost everyone goes into the new year wanting to affect positive changes on their lives. For many, that means finding a new home.

Why a Busy Spring Market is Great for You

The busier the market, the more homes there are on the market. With November being the dominant month for real estate listings, it provides a vast array of choices for anyone looking for a house. Whether you are looking for a place to live or for an investment property, you won’t have so many choices any other time of the year as you will in November.

Finding a Home Loan

We always recommend calling a mortgage broker to help you find the right loan. Your favourite lender might have the right terms and interest rates for you, but it makes more sense to talk to someone who has access to over 20 lenders.

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