Moving from the City to the Surf: Making the Sea Change to Rockingham

Our mortgage brokers have noticed that a lot of the home loans provided for purchasing homes in Rockingham are going to people who live in Perth and are tired of city living. They are part of a migration pattern consisting of people moving from large cities to coastal towns, seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.

Mortgage Brokers in Rockingham about Sea ChangeEver since the popular television series SeaChange was on television from 1998-2000, Australians have been familiar with the sea change phenomenon. Many credit the television show with starting the phenomenon, while some see it as a natural reaction to the increase in population density in cities.

Either way, Rockingham is full of former residents of large cities who made the sea change and are very happy to have done so. Maybe you are reading this in Perth, Melbourne or another capital city right now.

Are you Ready for a Sea Change?

Have you carved out a successful career that has still left you looking for fulfilment? Do you spend so much time at work and your office feels more like home than your house? Do you feel like you are missing the best years of your life as your family grows up without you?

Maybe you are just bored with the same old job and same old life; maybe you think there’s more to life than going to work, going home, going to sleep and starting it all over again the next day.

If the above scenarios got you thinking, then you may very well be ready for a sea change.

Why We Love Rockingham

Rockingham is on the water, 47 km SW from Perth. It is a place of such natural beauty that one of its main industries is ecotourism. Many attractions that others fly or drive miles to experience are literally in our own backyard.

Do you like Sea Lions? Visit Seal Island. Do you like Penguins? Penguin Island is home to the world’s smallest penguins. You can go on a tour where you swim with dolphins. Rockingham has beaches that are second to none and it has pubs and restaurants that are as good as those anywhere in the world.

It’s Your Call

Call Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham at (08) 9527 1800 to see if you are ready for sea change. We can help you arrange your home loan once you decide on moving to the coast.