Looking Forward: The Future of Baldivis

If you are thinking about a home loan in Baldivis, you are probably aware of how it has grown and how it has established a reputation as a family-friendly suburb. Our mortgage brokers like suburbs such as Baldivis because they provide a relaxed lifestyle, reasonable proximity to many amenities and the potential for high capital growth.

Mortgage Brokers in Baldivis about Baldivis Town CentreRecently, while on the City of Rockingham website, we came upon plans for improvements to the Baldivis Town Centre. The first stages opened in 2007 and expansion is ongoing. According to the website, the Baldivis Town Centre is intended to serve an ever-growing Baldivis population with both community and commercial facilities.

The City of Rockingham has worked closely with landowners in the Town Centre to help Baldivis evolve while keeping its small-town flavour. The Town Centre is intended to keep a “Main Street” design, combining contemporary urban amenities with small-town convenience and access to services and gathering places.

The Document

While the small “Baldivis Town Centre” entry doesn’t give much more information, the clickable document at the bottom of the page is wealth of information on how Baldivis plans to evolve over the next 20 years.

The main policy objectives are to serve an ever-growing population while keeping the features that make Baldivis a unique place. The Town Centre is intended to be the focal point for Baldivis as far into the future as they have projected. They have plans to develop it in stages, allowing Baldivis to evolve along with its population.

The Town Centre will be designed to be very accessible by public transport, bicycles and walking. In addition, subdivision development will fall under a plan called “Liveable Neighbourhoods.”

A structure called the Baldivis Activity Centre is projected to evolve with the population to provide a mixture of shops, dining, offices, housing, entertainment, recreation and community facilities. It is the intent of the local government that the Town Centre is a thriving hub for the Baldivis community.

Why We Like It

We don’t know if the Baldivis Town Centre will look anything like it is projected to look, but we like the direction of the local government and its plans for preserving the integrity of a great little suburb.

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