How to Secure Your Homes While On Vacation

Is your summer getaway already in plan? But before you go on your dream vacation, there’s one crucial thing you need to know. According to insurance statistics, an average of one house is burglarized every minute of the day. So it is essential to thoroughly protect and safeguard your homes as best as you can, before it’s too late. Now, follow these fail-proof ways which can help you secure your home and properties, and enjoy your summer escapade at the same time.


Set up lights at key parts of your property, like the front lawn, the backyard or the garage area. This may look and sound simple, but doing these important steps can truly make a big difference when considering the security of your home. It’s best if you can install movement-activated sensor lights, which could detect any potential movement outside your house. You can also make use of timer lights while away, to give your house a lived-in look, or leave the lights on in some areas.


Be on the safe side of the road by keeping all your home contents insurance updated. Make sure all valuable items are insured and keep a record of their model and serial numbers. Also keep a list and photos of other expensive belongings like jewelries.

Alarms and locksSecurity Alarm

Set up an alarm system – this is one of the best ways to prevent burglars. Make sure it is properly installed and always leave it on while away.

NRMA Insurance gives the following pointers when choosing and setting up alarm systems:

  • Intruder detection apparatus should be placed on the main entry points.
  • It should include an internal and external siren.
  • It should also consist of a strobe light.
  • It’s best to have at least three intruder detection devices and at least two motion detectors.

To keep burglars out, install locks on all doors, gates and windows throughout the house.

Lock up

You would think this suggestion is quite obvious. Think again – according to an NRMA statistics, more than 35% of home owners still leave doors and windows unlocked while away from home. Remember to always lock up potential entry points like doors, windows, and gates before heading out. Also lock away all other equipments which can be stolen from outside areas like the garage or garden.

Additional tips

  • Do your best to make your house look as lived-in as possible. Ask someone to take care of the mail or the bins for you.
  • Ask the paperboy to discontinue delivery of newspapers while you are away.
  • If you’re new to the property, install new locks on all doors and windows.
  • Never ever leave your spare keys outside the property.
  • Trim or cut down trees or shrubs that may provide cover for burglars.
  • Ask a friend or a neighbour to keep an eye on your property on a regular basis while you’re away.
  • Turn off the volume of your home phone, and don’t leave a message on your answering machine telling you are away.
  • If possible, leave a car parked in the driveway.
  • Don’t leave traces of your new purchases outside the property, like your new television or computer box.