How to Get the Right House at the Right Price

When talking to us at our office here in Rockingham, home loan seekers are most often interested in getting a great house at a great price. We like to remind people to look for the “right mortgage,” too. Whether you live in Rockingham, Kwinana, Cockburn, Baldivis or the surrounding area, the money you spend on your mortgage over the course of the amortization amounts to a lot. Beyond getting a great deal on a great house, getting a great mortgage makes a big difference!

Right House with the Right PriceIn terms of finding the right house at the right price, here is some advice from our skilled home loans specialists in Rockingham, Baldivis, Kwinana and Cockburn:

Do Some Research

Whether you want a property in an affluent neighbourhood or want to buy at the right time in an up-and-coming neighbourhood that will bring you a great return on your investment, doing some research can help you hone in on the right things to look for and the right areas to scour.

Think About What You Really Want

It may take looking at several houses to help you figure out what you want. Sometimes, it takes defining what we don’t want to help make our real wants and needs clear. Maybe you think you’d like a home that requires upgrades and TLC; maybe you prefer something that’s move-in ready. Unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, you’ll probably have to sacrifice some things on your wish list. Consider categorising your ‘must haves’ with your ‘nice to haves’ and work closely with your real estate agent so that you can maximise the chances of ticking as many boxes as possible.

Remember, you can always change the house from an interior perspective but there are some things you can’t change, such as the location or major issues like train tracks or a busy street.

Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent does more than show you properties. He or she helps you determine the right pricing to put an offer in, increasing your chances of getting the right house at the right price. When you put in an offer, you need comparables to consider to help you choose something competitive. When you win, you’ll always wonder if you could’ve gone in lower. But if you go in too low, you could wind up losing the house of your dreams. A good real estate agent can help you make a competitive offer that you can feel good about.

Beyond having a great real estate agent to help you find the right home at the right price, find yourself a great mortgage broker, too. Our Rockingham mortgage brokers, with our specialists in Baldivis, Kwinana and Cockburn, are skilled, knowledgeable, and can help you ensure that your next home is financed with a great mortgage that you can feel good about.