Support HeartKidsSmartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham prides itself on being a company with a social and community focus, and we firmly believe in helping those in the community who may need support from time to time.

With this in mind, Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham is a proud supporter of selected charity groups who undertake outstanding community work. Our team members directly contribute to a range of charities.

A major focus of the Company and its’ representatives is in providing active support for a very worthy charity… HeartKids.

HeartKids are a non profit organisation. The group offers support, understanding and information to children who suffer from congenital heart defect, and their families.

1 in 100 children are born with a congenital heart defect making this the most common birth abnormality with twice as many deaths from this cause than all childhood cancers combined.

Up to 20% of defects are gene linked abnormalities but for the remaining 80% the cause is largely unknown. More than half of these conditions are serious enough to require treatment through medication or surgery – some cannot be repaired.

Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham and our members proudly support HeartKids.

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