Finding the Appropriate Location to Live In

If you have already decided on a new house but you’re still unsure about living at the suburbs, then chances are this might not be the appropriate place for you. You need to examine the top mistakes that most home buyers make when selecting a good location. Here are some things you need to know.

Do not only look for property aspects

When you are looking for your desired home, it is not only about checking the outdoor area and the rooms. You also need to consider some factors by checking the entire neighbourhood and investigating other possible issues such as:

  • What kind of neighbours do you have?
  • Is the house near the airport? Check if there are any noise disturbances.
  • What kind of traffic levels does the place have?
  • How do you find the parking space?
  • Is the house near industries? Have you discovered any pollution that could harm your family’s health?
  • Are there any developments planned near the area?
  • How do the houses along the streets look like?
  • Is the community clean and secured?

As you consider these essential attributes, you will now have a better perspective about the type of location you’ll be moving into soon, and later on find yourself living in.

Here are some helpful tips you’ll need to do:

  1. Visit the area of your desired property at different times and see what can possibly take place. This would be a great way to know if the above listed factors can affect your quality of living once you have moved in. For example, a young couple from Sydney were planning to purchase a property near the airport and the home is too far from the flight path, but after visiting the place late at night they discovered the disturbing ground level noise and this can obviously affect their way of living.
  2. Talk to the local council and try to ask what developments are happening or have been approved for the local area’s streets and properties.
  3. Try your best to know what your neighbours are like. Do they have noisy and annoying dogs? Is their home tidy and clean? Are they friendly? If you follow tip number one, you can make the modest observations.
  4. If you are too concerned about aircraft noise, try to ask some information at Air Services Australia with regards to the particular noise levels. But nothing can beat visiting the area at certain times and observing the area first hand.

Don’t look at the Local Area as a Whole

When you are in a situation where you’re moving away from your desired suburbs only to have those additional bedrooms and bathrooms, you have to stop and contemplate if the extra room is worth buying for. Are you going to be happy in a larger house but not in the ideal suburb? The place you will be moving into will be a part of your daily living. Therefore, it is very important that you make the appropriate decision with regards to finding a desirable area for your new house.

When you compile your list of desirable surrounding suburbs, try to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any accessible transportation?
  • Do you need to commute for work?
  • How do you find the environment and facilities in the area? Are the amenities complete to suit your needs?
  • Are the people in the area friendly?
  • How do you find yourself settling into the area?
  • In case you have a family or planning to have one, are there necessary services located nearby such as hospitals, childcare centre, parks, and schools?

Here are some more helpful tips:

  1. Drive throughout the places you are truly interested in and imagine what it would be like living there. Take a look at the local establishments and see what services they provide.
  2. Examine the statistics of the area. Look into the demographic trends, property values, crime rate, school facilities, and employment rate. Have a concrete imagination of the surroundings. See how the suburban rates on the ‘Your Home’s price mapping tool’.

Transportation and Commuting Issues

If you are going to work every day, you wouldn’t want to have a 2-hour travel from your house all the way to your office and vice versa. What you thought as an ideal location might later turn out into a nightmare if you spend long hours of travelling. You also need to consider the distance if you want to be near your family and friends.

Here’s a tip. Once you have decided on a particular area to settle in. It would be best if you perform test runs and determine how long it will take you to your workplace. Make sure that you drive or take the local transportation and see how you could normally travel. This will be a great eye opener for you to see what you would be dealing with daily.

Establishments and Facilities

Try to check the important services you need. Make a list and see how important it is for you and for your way of living. Find out if these facilities and services are accessible in your preferred area. Ask yourself these:

  • Are there shopping areas or retail stores in the place?
  • How do you find the medical services and hospital facilities?
  • Do you find parks and other areas for recreation?
  • How do you find the public transportations?
  • Does the area have childcare facilities? Including day care, pre-school, and elementary schools?
  • Are there any accessible community facilities like museums and libraries?
  • What lifestyle facilities and leisure services are available? (e.g. restaurants, cafes, spas, gym)

You must weigh out the factors and determine what is important for you. Is it necessary for you to be near a cafe or would you prefer to be closer at schools and recreational areas instead? Put in mind that you will be living in a new area, with new people, new facilities, and establishments. Thus, it is very important for you to consider the above mentioned factors to find the most desirable community for you.