Choosing the Best Mortgage Broker for Your Needs

Choosing a mortgage broker in Rockingham, Baldivis or Kwinana can be overwhelming at times. There are a lot to choose from and it’s difficult to figure out who is right for you. At Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham, we feel that we are the best mortgage brokers for the markets of Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis because of our experience, commitment to customer service and our specific knowledge of the local market.

But don’t listen to us: here are some tips on choosing a mortgage broker, courtesy of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

What a Mortgage Broker Does

Mortgage Brokers in Rockingham, Baldivis, KwinanaInstead of confining you to the products of one lender, mortgage brokers choose between multiple lenders and find the best product for you. In other words, they do the “legwork” for you. Mortgage brokers are the go-betweens who connect you with credit providers and arrange your home loans.

How the Broker Makes Money

Mortgage brokers make their money from the lenders. Some also charge a fee to the borrower.

Doing Your Due Diligence

As far as we are concerned, the best way to find a great broker is to do your due diligence.

Make Sure Your Broker is Licensed

This is very basic and fundamental. Licensed brokers will have their licenses on display but you can also call ASIC on 1300 300 630 to check the status of any broker’s license.

Know Your Lender

Have your broker tell you who the lender is and find out what products other lenders offer. We recommend a broker who will give you multiple choices.

Tell the Broker Exactly what You Want

Put your best-case scenario on the table. It is a great starting point. Your broker will try to meet as many of your requirements as he can.

Shop Around

If your broker isn’t providing what you need and you have the time, see another broker and compare prices.

Get it in Writing

Your broker should offer a written agreement detailing all interest, costs and fees.

We Can Take Care of it for You

At Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham, we welcome comparison shoppers because we know we have as much to offer as anyone in the area. We are known here for customer service, integrity and results.

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