Understanding the Property Cycle and When to Buy

It's no secret that mortgage brokers are helping Australians procure a lot of home loans in the Baldivis, Rockingham and Kwinana areas. All 3 areas continue to be “hot markets,” with prices finally showing an inclination to rise back to former levels. Some think it is too late to buy in those … [Read more...]

Why Australian Mortgages Have a Brighter Future

A brighter future for mortgages isn’t something many expect to be hearing after the deep recession many have been through in recent years. So many around the world haven’t been able to afford to keep up with the high interest rates of the monthly repayments on their debts. With the Reserve Bank … [Read more...]

First Home Owners Grant Moves Forward

When you’d like to move out from living at home or from a rented accommodation and purchase your first property, there are many good reasons to take advantage of the First Home Owners Grant to give you a boost towards your savings.The Western Australian state version of this government policy has … [Read more...]

When is a Property Too Small to Become a Home?

Some banks and home loan providers may refuse to lend money on properties that they consider too small. They are concerned that you won’t be able to sell them in the future, if the need arises. Compact living in small studio apartments is popular for renting purposes but when does a property become … [Read more...]

Real Estate is Still a Buyer’s Market But for How Long?

It might not last for very long but buyers still have the upper hand in the real estate market. In the last three months of available data, the number of homes in Australia that were advertised for sale was still higher than the number of home loans approved from September through November, 2012. … [Read more...]

Rockingham Area News – Mangles Bay Marina Development

Here at our Rockingham office we get inquiries of all sorts. Inquiries are not always related to Rockingham home loans and mortgage news for the area. Our mortgage specialists also advise customers and answer their questions about the home buying process and about living in the Rockingham area in … [Read more...]

Has the Rise in Interest Rates Made You Hesitate as a First Time Homebuyer?

The rise in homebuyer interest rates is something that a lot of people are talking about. The looming question is: could it be the high rates that are stopping some people from buying their first home sooner? The general consensus is that lack of a down payment is what slows most people down the … [Read more...]

Rental vs Mortgage Gap Closes

By: Tom Winterbourn House rentals in the Rockingham - Kwinana area are firming up to the point where buying a home is looking increasing attractive to some renters. Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce president and Mortgage Gallery owner Justin Smith said the closing gap between weekly … [Read more...]

Necessary Things a First Homebuyer Must Consider Before Getting a Home Loan

Most first time homebuyers are anxious to get hold of their First Home Owner Boost increase by end of the year. Starting today, they need to start saving up to make sure that they will have enough deposits to purchase a property and pay for other related costs which will be most probably closer to … [Read more...]

Top Ten Mistakes of First Home Buyers

Planning on buying a house requires a careful decision and so is purchasing your very first home. Here are the top ten things which you will need to avoid with regards to purchasing your first and brand new home. 1. Not Securing the Pre-Approval Once you have decided on buying a new home, one … [Read more...]