The Great Australian Dream Lives On

The "Great Australian Dream" of owning a home is well alive and active! The history of the Great Australian Dream was traced back to the period of reconstruction, after the conclusion of World War II in the year 1945. With the help of the rising and sturdy manufacturing and rural economy, the … [Read more...]

There Is So Much More To A Home Loan As Compared To Merely Obtaining The Minimum Rate Of Interest

"If I hadn't spoken over issues in detail along with my mortgage broker, In no way could I have set aside virtually $10,000 in interest on my home loan Perth," says Sam Roberts* of Rockingham. "Let's admit it, who wants to provide the banks a lot more funds than they have to?" Sam's broker … [Read more...]

Renegotiating Your Home Loan

With stylish new marketing campaigns now available, a number of lenders are pushing themselves to the limit to inform their clients that they care. But a number of the brightness began to fade off their marketing campaigns once they raised their home loans Perth interest rates above the current … [Read more...]

Things You Need To Know To Avoid Mortgage Stress

Practically two out of every 3 home owners in Australia spend 40% of their domestic earnings in a week to mortgage loan payments, according to research. And an additional 19.5% of Australians allocate more than one half of their income to paying home loans Perth. Determined by the Australian … [Read more...]

Mortgage Brokers Gain An Edge Over Banks

Based on a recent survey, one in five Australians are not aware what a mortgage broker Perth does. Some say they "are like stockbrokers" or non-bank lenders. Bankwest and the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) conducted a study where respondents across the nation were asked … [Read more...]

Getting A Home Loan? Your Mortgage Broker Can Help You Decide

Whenever you are in a financial crossroad, you will undoubtedly gain advantage from acquiring the services of a professional who will stay with you throughout the process. A reliable mortgage broker offers you hassle-free access to a variety of home loan options and makes the process … [Read more...]