Budget Options for Smaller Spaces

First time homebuyers often choose a home with a smaller space and then later on encounter some trouble in decorating. Most of the time first homebuyers will ask themselves: How will I fit all these stuff in this area? Truth is, smaller spaces only require creativeness, clever ideas, and the sensible use of every available space.

Here are some excellent ideas on how to make the most out of your small place.Small Space House

Open Plan Layout

Getting an open-plan layout will give you more space to move around. If you are about to renovate your brand new flat, think about combining your dining room, kitchen area, and living room to create a breathable and wide space.

An open-planned living is already the trend nowadays because it is modern, more compact, and there is more room to move around. Although an open-plan layout may involve repairs, it can commonly have a greater re-sale price, all in all making it a good choice for investment.

Talk to an experienced interior designer to help you establish a plan that satisfies your preferences.

Built-In Storage

The secret to have a successful small space living is having a built-in storage. Along with being creative and sleek, having enough built-in storage will help you make your things more organised even with just a small space. Consider installing a full-wall shelves system inside your bedroom rather than having drawers, this will enable you to have an effective storage and at the same time have more room to move around.

It is also ideal to keep your clothes with books and other important things, making it a one stop shop. For magazines, newspapers and other reading materials, you can put them inside a woven box or basket to avoid clutter. Most importantly, make sure your organisers are also hip and functional.

Kitchen Area

Think about renovating your kitchen cabinets to avoid blocking off kitchen appliances. This will be easier for you to locate your cooking equipments and tools. Maximising your kitchen area with a more spacious counter top where you can prepare, cook, eat, or even work is a good alternative. Consider having modern alternatives such as refrigerator-drawers and garbage compactors.

But then again, the most important thing to put in mind is to have an excellent organisation solution with creativity and style. Regardless of how your kitchen cabinet is organised with apathetically arranged spices, there is still no point of having it since you will be only using the common ones.

Neutral Tones

It is a decorating rule to keep your home colours light and neutral as it can make your space look wider. Think about using texture rather that shades and colours to increase the depth of you home designs and style. Match woven rugs on wooden floors, choose a velvety sofa or couch and put in some fluffy pillows and add a tapestry on the wall. This can make your room fresh and bright looking, you can also select an ivory-like warm shade, this will be ideal for making your home feel more calm and comforting.


You also need to consider making some changes in your bathroom. A rigid and confined bathroom is not at all enjoyable. There are lots of minor renovations which you can make to have a spacious area and make it appear even bigger and homey. Examine your fittings; even if you are soaking in your bath tub, a shower will be ideal to clear up half the space.

A shower is perfect if you want to have an extra room to move around while taking a bath. Consider having a tiled bathroom so you won’t worry about water splashing everywhere, use a glass panel rather than a shower curtain, it will create a more wide open space.