A Look at the Future Baldivis Library

Future Baldivis Library by Mortgage Brokers in BaldivisFor those of you who don’t already know, Baldivis is about to get a new $11.5 million library. We would like to say that we are going to give you an exclusive “sneak peak” that only we know about but the floor plan and a nice summary are available online by clicking the links.

While both Rockingham and Kwinana have been in the news lately for coming out on the winning end of local government reform, Baldivis is still a “hot” destination and a vibrant little city which is about to be able to provide its residents with even better cultural and educational services.

The Baldivis Library and Community Centre

A firm called Structerre Consulting Engineers has provided the structural design for the library, which is impressive by any standard. In cooperation with Site Architecture Studio, they have produced a contemporary, original piece of architecture that is designed to serve as a “hub” or focal point for the Baldivis community, while providing an aesthetically and visually pleasing landmark for future generations.

The library is being built on Settlers Avenue. It will not only contain a modern, state of the art library but will also serve as a community centre or gathering spot. It will include two media centres, a computer training room, a gaming station and children and parents’ meeting area.

The outside will contain a courtyard that will also serve as a space for meditation. The building is designed to blend into the environment seamlessly and provide a bucolic experience for those in the community. The hope is that many will have the luxury of being able to lose themselves in their surroundings, if only for a while.

The library will not only serve those living in Baldivis but Rockingham and the surrounding areas as well. Funding is coming from the Government, Stockland and Lotterywest. The library is scheduled for completion in 2014.

What the Library Can Do for Baldivis

Our mortgage brokers think the library will help Baldivis become a “hub” for many activities in the Rockingham area. We see Baldivis, Rockingham and Kwinana as great towns or cities that complement each other perfectly. The new library is a perfect addition.

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